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Keynote Speaker

One of Australia’s leading emotional intelligence experts, innovator of wellbeing, women’s leadership

Tenille Bentley is renowned as one of Australia’s leading emotional intelligence experts, innovator of wellbeing and women’s leadership. Her expertise has been sought on most of the national TV channels, radio stations and written pieces in national publications.

She has been recognised for her leadership by the Prime Minister as one of only 20 Australian Leaders. Inducted in the Women’s Hall of Fame by the Governor and won The Australian Financial Review Top 100 Women of Influence. Her contribution was also recognised as a Telstra Businesswoman of The Year Finalist and The Top 3 Australian Institute of Management Excellence Awards.

Having spent one-on-one time with some of the world’s greatest minds including Oprah, Richard Branson, Deepak Chopra, Dr John DeMartini, Don Miguel Ruiz and Dr Bruce Lipton she brings her unique perspective on what it takes to thrive in the modern world.

Tenille bravely shares her personal story and the profound role it has played in her own journey to success, building multi-million dollar and global organisations she shares the tools that she uses and teaches to thrive despite adversity.

But the most powerful part of this journey was the one that happened behind the veil of success.

Book Tenille as your guest keynote speaker today through her booking agents or contact me directly.

Speaker Topics

Speaker topics can be tailored but some examples are:

  • Optimise your day for success workshop

  • A busy mind, a busy life - strategies to de-stress

  • Emotional intelligence skills for organisations

  • Behind the veil of success - A story to inspire & motivate

  • From receptionist to multimillion dollar business woman

  • Employee mental health & wellbeing workshop

  • The neuroscience of leadership

  • Children's mental health & wellbeing workshop


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