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Sound & Music Therapy to manage stress, anxiety and states of wellbeing

One-on-One With Tenille

Come and experience some nourishing one-on-one self care time at my at home sound clinic space in Perth's Countryside Chittering. 

Every session is unique to the person, it involves some sharing time, emotional support followed by a sound therapy session. 

What is sound therapy? 

Sound therapy covers a broad range of therapies that utilise sound to address different kinds of physical and mental conditions. It's rooted in the science that everything in the universe - living or inanimate - is made up of energy and maintains a vibrational frequency. Sound or Music Therapy is used in a way that restores vibration back to it's natural state.

Maintaining the ideal level of frequency is vital to a person's health and wellness; otherwise, an imbalance could lead to a physical, emotional or psychological issues. 

Using a specific frequency of 432hz which is lower than the standard tuning of instruments at 440hz just means the cycles per second of the sound wave are slightly lower than standard. Which is said to be 'easier on the ear', but also more relaxing. 

Tenille is currently working on a research study with UWA and Murdoch on a double blind study of the efficacy of this particular frequency and the beneficial outcomes of been exposed to it.


Tenille uses specific sound therapy instruments that aid in relaxation, and these are played around you, the sound invites you into a deep state of relaxation. 

Overlaid with some vocal latticing, you walk away after about 1 - 1.5hrs feeling relaxed, with the effects lasting beyond the session. 

This work is used specifically to help with anxiety, stress, trauma as well as other conditions, but a lot of people come to this just to enjoy some self care, deep relaxation time. 

Please note this is not a massage. 

It is using a specific therapy of sound to help aid you into relaxation and you stay fully clothed, so arrive in something that is comfortable. 


Please make bookings below via the calendar for a one on one session held in the beautiful Chittering Hills - Perth's Countryside about 50mins from Perth CBD. 


Sessions are $120pp. (cash is preferred but card is available)

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