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Below are some of the areas of Tenille's expertise featured in the media in the following areas: meditation musician, keynote speaker and educator, mindfulness expert.

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En`coda Symphony Orchestra 

The West Australian News

When the concert program offers post-care practitioners for body, mind and spirit, there’s more than music afoot.


The first performance by the En coda Symphony Orchestra, under conductor Mark Coughlan and artistic director Tenille Bentley, combined world music and classical influences in the splendour of Montgomery Hall on Sunday.

Masked figures moved around the auditorium, some lying on yoga mats, others more conventionally seated, as a 14-piece string ensemble played atmospheric accompaniment composed by WAAPA’s Stuart James to songs written and sung by Bentley and January Kultura, punctuated by crystal digeridoo from Julian Silburn.

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Education & Awareness

Digital Consciousness TV

A place we aspire, desire & delight in the delicious words of human awareness, in our business life, personal & conscious lives, and stop to think deeply about the world we live in.


Interviewing some of the world leaders in the area of human behaviour, self awareness, health, wellness, life and love.

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Emotional Literacy Academy For Kids

Channel 9 News

It was wonderful to be asked to do this interview, after graduating more than 200 children through The Emotional Literacy and Mindfulness courses for Kids. I have seen a lot, in regards to the kinds of things that impact kids being able to express their emotions.
In Western Australia we focus on the importance of understanding their emotions and even more importantly understanding others and what they can do about it. We have useful life skills in a full family integrated program.

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Watch Interview Here

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En`coda & Documentary

Does Sound Heal Documentary

Music can provoke laughter and tears, it can break and mend hearts and, at the right frequency, it can smash a glass. And now, in the 21st century, scientists are discovering that sound has even greater powers.

In this three-part documentary series, we hear from the world's top researchers, scientists, professors, sound therapists, composers, philosophers and medicinal musicians to ask the question Does Sound Heal?

Featuring a world-first project that combines one of Australia’s most prominent symphony orchestras and a team of neuroscientists measuring the impact of music on brain wave activity, Does Sound Heal? examines the relationship between sound, music and the human body.

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