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"Let me thank you. Because you’re providing the world with great work that’s quite necessary for evolution"

- Dr Bruce Lipton,

International bestselling author, Stem cell biologist

Tenille Bentley is, an internationally award winning woman, receiving awards recognised by the Prime Minister called The Australian Leadership Award and being picked by The Australian Financial Review as one of the top 100 Women of Influence.


The Governor inducted her into the Western Australian Women's Hall of Fame, then she became a finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year. 


She was also one of the top 3 in the Australian Institute of Management Excellence Awards and was a state finalist as a Telstra Business Woman of The Year. This was in recognition for her work in digital media and community work throughout the ownership of her global charitable organisation ‘The Global Good Foundation’ supporting families impacted by domestic violence and her previous social media agency building it up to a 2.5M company in under two years.

During Tenille’s business career she has sat on some of Australia's most prestigious boards as a non-executive director, often as the youngest and only woman. Over the years she has advised and governed some of Australia's largest brands in the early adoption years of social and digital media.

Throughout her career she spent one on one time with the great minds of Richard Branson, Oprah, Deepak Chopra, John Demartini, Don Miguel Ruiz assisting her in developing the missing ingredient to every day success and delivers a unique workshop program in some of the top organisations and biggest boardrooms around Australia.


Tenille transitioned from this illustrious business career in a quest for a deeper calling, one that kept tapping her on the shoulder to the point that she couldn’t ignore it. There was two clear words that kept coming up for her ‘Kids and Music’.

“Ethereal intonation in voice”

- The West Australian News

Her years in digital media exposed her to the impact it is having on our next generation, a humanitarian at heart, this was what called her to create a solution through her company The Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Academy for Kids (and their Parents).


Giving parents the tools for their children to manage the big emotions and help bring calm and balance back to your home without having to resort to yelling. Her programs involve the science of mindfulness, meditation, sound therapy, play therapy and colour therapy.

Her company is now reaching all parts of the globe translating into different languages with this life changing program.

The second half to this was the Music – she became a sound therapist but in a way that was very unique. Prior to her business career she was a professional musician, travelling Australia meeting some of the top people in their industry, she played in orchestras, was a professional singer and had grown up with a father in the limelight hitting the charts in his time.

Her calling though was more toward using sound for therapeutic purposes. Helping bring peace and balance to people’s lives and harmonic body architecture.


With her love of science and sound this weaved into the unique offering known as a Frequency Musician.

She delivers inner peace and wellbeing to her audiences from corporate, to stages around the state.


Tenille’s collective works have reached the global stages in unique art projects at Nuit Blanche Paris – Museum of Modern Art of Paris & The Palais de Tokyo Museum Square and Techism Exhibitions in Florida as it continues to make its way around the globe.

“Thank you and you have all my love”

- Don Miguel Ruiz, Author The Four Agreements

She uses the science of frequency through her instruments, in her beautiful vocal toning and latticing integrating with technology.


She uses the infusions of sound, but not any sound, science-based frequencies that are shown to impact at a subatomic level.


Within 20 minutes of this work her audiences brain wave activity can drop into delta and theta state where they will experience the decrease of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’.

Her work is used in wellbeing for all ages, in all industries, either for reducing stress and anxiety in people or simply for a deep listening experience that guides people on profound inward journeys. 

Her curiosity in the world of science, sound, frequency and the human body, led her to become a co-producer of a documentary titled 'Does Sound Heal'

She also created The En`coda Symphony Orchestra in 432hz with a team of neuroscientists from which is now touring the state. 

Data for this project will be collected using the latest in “high-tech” hardware and software measuring a range of physiological markers including EEG (brainwave activity) and ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) measures including Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Respiratory Rate (RR), Muscle Tension (EMG) and Body Temperature.

Baseline measures will be recorded prior to our participants experiencing the En`coda Symphonic Experience, permitting us to identify what is happening to the participant during the experience.

"I was altered, and remained altered for 24 hours"

- Helen, audience member