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Tenille Bentley The Road Less Travelled


Tenille Bentley is an esteemed business leader with an international reputation for excellence. An innovative entrepreneur she established a multi-million-dollar tech company within a mere two years.


Her initiatives extend beyond the corporate realm; she has spearheaded a philanthropic endeavour that has positively impacted 40,000 children across five countries. As a visionary in the field of therapeutic music, Tenille has garnered 14 awards for her symphony orchestra, which collaborates with scientists to study the positive effects of sound therapy on wellbeing, stress relief, and mental health.


In the educational sector, Tenille has been instrumental in the creation of a comprehensive program aimed at enhancing mindset and emotional intelligence. This initiative serves schools, teachers, educators, children, and their families, providing valuable tools and strategies. Her efforts have led to the graduation of thousands of individuals globally, cementing her status as a pioneer in both the business and educational landscapes.


Tenille has been featured on Channel 7, 9, 10, SBS appeared on radio stations like 92.9, 94.5 and Nova 93.7, ABC and written pieces in national publications.

“Ethereal intonation in voice”

- The West Australian News

Tenille is the Founder and Creative Director of the internationally acclaimed En Coda Symphony Orchestra 432Hz. As a co-producer, her works include the thought-provoking documentary "Does Sound Heal?" and its companion piece, "En Coda 432Hz The Film."


Tenille is celebrated for her innovative wellbeing strategies delivered to organizations, blending therapeutic tools with time-honoured mindfulness techniques. Her significant contributions to music have been acknowledged with accolades from the International Sound Awards in Prague, International Sound Future Awards in New York, Munich Music Awards, and Euro Music Awards. Her compositions offer solace and healing to those facing trauma, anxiety, and PTSD, reflecting her music's therapeutic potency.


Her artistic expressions have been showcased on prestigious global platforms, such as Nuit Blanche Paris at the Museum of Modern Art of Paris and The Palais de Tokyo Museum Square, as well as Techism Exhibitions in Florida. Tenille's music, a harmonious blend of ancient sound rituals, classical influences, and modern lyricism, provides audiences with a transformative listening experience that endures well beyond the performance.

"I was altered, and remained altered for days"

- Participant

"Let me thank you. Because you’re providing the world with great work that’s quite necessary for evolution"

- Dr Bruce Lipton,

International bestselling author, Stem cell biologist

Tenille’s work spans all ages and industries, assisting in stress and anxiety reduction or guiding deep introspective journeys through sound. Her zeal for the intersection of science, sound, and the human body led her to co-produce "Does Sound Heal?" and establish the touring En Coda Symphony Orchestra in 432Hz. Collaborating with neuroscientists from Murdoch University and the University of Western Australia, her initiatives are underpinned by scientific research that quantifies the physiological impacts of her symphonic experiences.


Transitioning from a stellar career in business where she was honored with The Australian Leadership Award and recognized as one of the Australian Financial Review's Top 100 Women of Influence, Tenille has been inducted into the Western Australian Women's Hall of Fame and was a finalist for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year. Her advisory roles on prestigious Australian boards as a non-executive director have shaped the strategies and governance of multimillion-dollar organizations.


Her time spent with personalities such as Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, John Demartini, and Don Miguel Ruiz have enriched Tenille’s work, which she delivers globally, infusing her insights into workplace and home wellbeing strategies.

“Thank you and you have all my love”

- Don Miguel Ruiz, Author The Four Agreements

At the core of Tenille's impact is ELMA Education, an Ed Tech Company dedicated to emotional literacy and mindfulness for children. Through her visionary leadership, ELMA Education has graduated thousands of children and trained hundreds of educators, with a presence in over four countries. Tenille is deepening research efforts with Australian educational universities to underscore the efficacy of her programs.


Tenille Bentley’s comprehensive approach to wellbeing, which encompasses music, education, and research, exemplifies her unwavering commitment to nurturing emotional health and resilience worldwide. She continues to touch lives, championing sustainable, peaceful solutions within the global community.

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