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The Magic White Color Chalice, tuned precisely to the 4th Octave D# Note at the perfect pitch of 432Hz, is a crystal singing chalice designed specifically for sound healing and therapeutic purposes. This exquisite chalice is crafted to emanate pristine, clear tones that resonate with the frequency said to align with the universe's natural vibration.

The chalice's white color adds a touch of purity and simplicity, making it not only a powerful sonic tool but also a piece of visual art. The D# note it produces is associated with specific energy centers in the body, often related to the heart chakra, which can facilitate a deep sense of peace and well-being.

At 432Hz, the chalice is believed to deliver a more natural and harmonious sound wave, which is thought to be beneficial for healing and meditation practices. This frequency is favored in various healing circles for its potential to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance the meditative state of the listener.

This Crystal Singing Chalice is perfect for sound therapists, healing practitioners, or anyone looking to incorporate the soothing power of crystal sound into their daily routine. Whether used in personal meditation spaces, yoga studios, or healing centers, the Magic White Color Chalice is a tool that can help guide individuals towards balance and inner tranquility.

Brand Name: chakrasenergy
Weight (kg): 280
Diameter (cm): <20cm
Tone Number: 1
color: magic white
size/diameter: about 6.0"

White Chalice 4th Octave D# Note Crystal Singing Chalice 432Hz

SKU: 1005003256744980
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