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The 440Hz/432Hz 8 Tubes Note Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Harp with Alloy Box is an exquisite musical instrument that combines the healing properties of crystal quartz with the precision of modern tuning. This harp features a set of eight clear quartz crystal tubes, each one carefully cut and tuned to either the standard 440Hz or the more holistic 432Hz frequency, according to the user's preference.

This crystal singing harp is designed to produce pure, resonant tones that can be used in a variety of settings, including sound therapy, meditation sessions, musical performances, and yoga classes. The clear quartz crystal is known for its ability to hold and transmit energy, which makes this harp not only a musical instrument but also a powerful tool for healing and relaxation.

Each tube of the crystal singing harp corresponds to a different musical note, allowing for a rich and full harmonic spectrum when played. The instrument can be used to create beautiful, flowing melodies, or to focus on individual sounds for chakra balancing and energy work.

The harp comes housed in a durable alloy box, ensuring that it is well-protected during transport and storage. This box is likely designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, reflecting the premium nature of the instrument it holds.

The combination of visual beauty, musical versatility, and therapeutic value makes the 440Hz/432Hz 8 Tubes Note Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Harp with Alloy Box a coveted item for practitioners of sound healing, musicians seeking unique instruments, and individuals looking for an effective aid in their meditation and wellness practices.

Whether tuned to the standard concert pitch of 440Hz for compatibility with other instruments or to the more natural vibration of 432Hz for those seeking alignment with the Earth's frequency, this crystal singing harp is a versatile and powerful addition to any collection.

Brand Name: Voiasin
Drum Pad: 7
Type: crystal singing harp
Material: 99.99% pure natural quartz crystal
Application: Sound therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Healing
Free accessory: Quartz mallets, Alumina Alloy Box
Frequency: 440Hz or 432Hz

440Hz/432Hz 8 Tubes Note Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Harp With Alloy Box

SKU: 3256804806348915
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