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The 432Hz Aurora Realm Crystal Singing Harp is a mesmerizing musical instrument, combining the aesthetic beauty of color with the therapeutic sounds of crystal singing. This harp features eight tubes, each meticulously tuned to the frequency of 432Hz, which is often preferred by sound therapists and those seeking a deeper connection with the natural world through music. It is believed that this tuning resonates with the body's natural energy and the Earth's frequency, promoting a more relaxed and meditative state.

Crafted with precision, the crystal tubes of the harp come in multiple colors, creating not only a visual spectacle but also a range of tonalities that captivate and soothe the listener. The instrument's design is inspired by the ethereal beauty of the Aurora Borealis, with its colors and sounds designed to transport the player and audience to a serene, otherworldly realm.

Ideal for meditation, yoga sessions, sound therapy, or as a unique addition to any musician's collection, the crystal singing harp is both a performance piece and a tool for wellness. Its gentle, harmonious tones can help reduce stress and anxiety, while also enhancing the ambiance of any space.

The 432Hz Aurora Realm Crystal Singing Harp is a stunning piece that promises to not only be a focal point in any room but also to provide a deeply resonant and healing musical experience.

Size: 75*69*21 cm

432Hz Aurora Realm Multiple Colored Crystal Singing Harp 8 Tubes

SKU: 3256804397718588
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