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Sat, Jul 06


Solaris - Claremont

The Quantum Sound Experience July

The Next Evolution of Sound - Feel your body's energy systems align, stress melt away, and your body's inner healing processes stimulated. Experience a deep sense of peace and well-being as emotional blockages are released.

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The Quantum Sound Experience July
The Quantum Sound Experience July

Time & Location

Jul 06, 2024, 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Solaris - Claremont, 80 Railway St, Cottesloe WA 6011, Australia

About the event

Transform Your Life with the QuantumSound 10-Month Journey

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation with our QuantumSound 10-Month Program. Attending monthly sessions through 2024 or simply just join in on one casual session. This unique experience is designed to guide you through a series of sound healing sessions and quantum leaping each tailored to help you unlock your full potential and align with your deepest desires.

About the experience

Dive into the profound frequencies of 432Hz and other solfeggio tones, known for their harmonising effects that resonate with the universe's natural frequency.

Feel your body's energy systems align, stress melt away, and your body's inner healing processes stimulated. Experience a deep sense of peace and well-being as emotional blockages are released. This holistic approach to healing soothes the mind, spirit, and body, creating a balanced and vibrant energy field for overall well-being.

To uplevel the experience we will be combining this powerful experience with Quantum Jumping, an intriguing concept inspired by quantum physics. Using unique tools to harness the principles of quantum mechanics, individuals can shift their reality and manifest desired outcomes. Quantum jumping proponents believe that by visualising and embodying a desired version of themselves in an alternate reality, they can access that reality and bring its benefits into their own lives.

Why Join the Full 10-Month Program?

  • Consistent Transformation: Experience sustained growth and development over ten months. Each session builds upon the last, creating a powerful cumulative effect.
  • Depth of Experience: Delve deeper into your personal journey with themes that evolve each month, from activating your vision to mastering self-awareness and manifesting your goals.
  • Community Support: Join a like-minded community that supports and grows together, enhancing your journey with shared experiences and insights.
  • Cost-Effective: By enrolling in the full program, you get access to all ten transformative sessions at a discounted price of just $497 – a significant saving compared to the casual rate of $57 per session.
  • Exclusive Content: Gain access to exclusive materials and support to complement your journey, available only to full-program participants.

What You'll Experience:

Each month, you'll be guided into the quantum field with a focused meditation, followed by an hour or more of immersive sound therapy combining ancient healing sound with modern soundscapes. These sessions are crafted to help you release past limitations, embrace new possibilities, and step into your power. From cultivating resilience and creativity to achieving balance and empowering self-mastery, this program covers all facets of personal growth.

The 10 month system:

Satruday, February 3rd -  Session 1: Activating Your Vision for 2024

  • Meditation Focus: Entering the quantum field to visualise and set intentions for the year.
  • Sound Session: Sound frequencies to enhance clarity and vision manifestation.

Saturday, April 6th - Session 2: Letting Go

  • Meditation Focus: Releasing past burdens and emotional blockages.
  • Sound Session: Frequencies aimed at emotional release and healing.

Sunday, May 5th - Session 3: Creating Your New Identity

  • Meditation Focus: Imagining and embracing a new, empowered self.
  • Sound Session: Vibrations to reinforce positive self-perception and confidence.

Saturday, June 8th - Session 4: Cultivating Resilience

  • Meditation Focus: Building inner strength and resilience.
  • Sound Session: Resilience-enhancing frequencies to foster mental and emotional fortitude.

Saturday, July 6th - Session 5: Embracing Change

  • Meditation Focus: Adapting to life's changes with ease and acceptance.
  • Sound Session: Harmonies to support flexibility and positive adaptation.

Saturday, August 3rd - Session 6: Nurturing Relationships

  • Meditation Focus: Enhancing empathy and strengthening relationships.
  • Sound Session: Heart-centered frequencies for deeper connection and understanding.

Saturday, September 7th - Session 7: Harnessing Creativity

  • Meditation Focus: Unlocking creative potential and innovative thinking.
  • Sound Session: Stimulating creativity and imagination through sound.

Saturday, October 5th - Session 8: Achieving Balance

  • Meditation Focus: Finding equilibrium in all aspects of life.
  • Sound Session: Balancing frequencies to harmonise body, mind, and spirit.

Saturday, November 2nd - Session 9: Empowering Self-Mastery

  • Meditation Focus: Gaining control and mastery over personal thoughts and actions.
  • Sound Session: Frequencies that promote self-awareness and discipline.

Saturday, December 7th Session 10: Manifesting and Integrating

  • Meditation Focus: Bringing visions into reality and integrating the year's learnings.
  • Sound Session: Powerful manifestation frequencies to solidify the year's growth and transformations.

Each month’s session will begin with a guided meditation into the quantum field, followed by an hour of sound healing aligned with the theme, and conclude with a gentle reawakening from the meditation. This structure ensures a focused and immersive experience in each session.

Invest in Your Growth:

This isn't just a course; it's an investment in your future. By committing to the full 10-month program, you're giving yourself the gift of continuous growth and transformation. You're not just attending sessions; you're embarking on a life-changing journey.

Take the first step towards a more fulfilling, balanced, and empowered life. Join us in this unique journey of sound healing and quantum meditation.

Enroll in the QuantumSound 10-Month Program today and unlock your true potential!


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