You Matter….

You Matter….

As you sit back on your chair
and reflect on your life
Do you like what you created?
Have you being impeccable
with your word?

Being honest with yourself?
Being mindful of every thought?
That adds into the collective
Did you surround yourself
With the true reflection of self?

Did you live with grace and elegance?
Or did you fight it with the glove
Of ego and did it bleed
And heal over or completely
Transform you?

Did you hear your words?
Did you see your actions?
Do you feel your impact?
Are you sitting back at the end of your life
And feeling proud of your ‘being’?

Did you like yourself
When nobody was looking?
Because ultimately that’s the
Only one you end up with
When this experience is over

So always reflect and refine
And learn from mis-takes
Not to be more spiritual
Not to be seen as enlightened or wise

Do it because you care about
Your impact on the collective
And you care about your
Generational representation
That you hand down to our
Next beloved care takers of this planet.

How you show up matters.
You matter
You are the Newtonian
Representation of
Cause and effect
You matter.