You Know The Answer…

You Know The Answer…

We give. We love. We hurt. We laugh.

This is our human experience.
In a world full of multi dimensional distractions we can lose sight of our inner strength, our inner worth, our inner voice.

Then we begin on an epic journey to find that voice as we begin the dance of polarity between the head and the heart. And often get lost in translation wondering is this the voice of my head or my heart? In the moments of confusion, we must silent the busy mind and realise that the very nature of us even questioning means we are in our head and not our heart. Therefore our heart hasn’t been heard. It is that moment where you say to self ‘you already know the answer’

It’s the one that comes to you within the first milli second of asking that. You know. And yet you still fight it. Because that is the journey that we have towards the complexity of the mind into the simplicity of the heart.

If you hear the answer stand in conviction to that and watch the universe gift you with new doors that are yet to be opened. But they cannot be opened if you’ve still got your shirt caught in the other door.

You either have to rip the shirt to move forward or stay there …stuck with a door you don’t even recognise anymore….you already know the answer. The only person you are trying to fool is yourself. But your heart wins every time. If you honour it….it will honour you. For it is the only thing that will remain loyal to you all your life….so be loyal back and (regardless) if the ripping of that shirt stuck in that door hurts you….you are gifting yourself the ultimate gift. For you and those around you. Even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.
You know the answer. You know the answer.