Sound Frequency Healing Workshops & Transformative Teachings

Tenille Bentley will be taking you on a journey of the full integration of the soul, body connection with teachings of the mind, body and soul embodying the 12 principals of consciousness, followed by one of the most unique sound frequency healing you may experience. She calls it ‘Soulification’ – purification of the soul with guided frequency alchemy in 417, 529 and 210.42 Hz and more. These are guided with a mixture of song, spoken word and meditation. After working with a frequency alchemist in the US (Listening to Smiles) she has created a unique combination to deliver healings that go beyond the 5 sense modalities.

  • Are you feeling stuck?
  • Not sure why you are feeling what you are feeling?
  • Can’t make sense of the feelings?
  • Can’t seem to find meaningful relationships or call in the one?
  • Do you understand that you need change in your life and are prepared to dig deep to find it?
  • Are you seeking a safe place to transform some of your limiting beliefs?
  • Are looking for a tribe of like minded people to explore transformational work with?
  • Are you a seeker of self that is prepared to do whatever it takes to gain a deeper understanding?

The healing potential in sound lies in the understanding that we are energetic beings of a vibrational nature. Promoting energy wellness and healing through sound vibration can facilitate balanced energy flow and allow for the release of disturbances in the human energy field.  This in turn can improve the overall flow and balance of an individual’s energy and vibratory state and supports the self-healing capacity of the body. As balancing, releases and self-healing occurs, it is possible for individuals to experience the emergence of feelings, deep memories or unconscious emotions/beliefs or (although less likely) even physical body symptoms. It is important to hydrate, engage in self-care and to use discernment in seeking the advice of a medical practitioner if needed. There is nothing innate in sound healing frequencies that can cause any harm, it is simply the state of emotion, mental, physical or spiritual release which can elicit secondary effects of which the participant should be aware.

Each of the sound frequencies through these workshop sessions come with a lesson and teachings so a full mind body soul transformation can take place.

Who is this for?

This is for the individual that;

  • Would like to break through their old patterns of thought that are no longer serving them
  • Wants to find and keep their meaningful relationships
  • Would like to explore the healing benefits of sound
  • Has a curious mind and on a journey to self
  • Hasn’t been able to find their meaning or purpose(s) in life
  • The seeker of unpacking the mechanics of their conscious and subconscious mind
  • The individual that wants to let go so they can let themselves grow.
  • The individual that believes in working on self so as to give their full potential to the world

Who is this not for?

This is NOT for the individual that;

  • Is not ready to embrace change
  • Doesn’t enjoy being uncomfortable
  • Doesn’t understand that taking the time to work on themselves is the most important gift they can give others
  • Can’t face being vulnerable
  • Or that benefit in some way from staying stuck