The Gift of 3 Stones…

The gift of 3 stones

The Gift of 3 Stones…

Formally grafted through the lens of social conditioning we reach a predictable point in life where we begin to ask the question ‘Who am I?’ or ‘Why am I here?’. The composed structure of a song we thought was ours, suddenly feels like the kind of music we ‘used’ to listen to, a familiar beat…. yet our body can’t find it’s rhythm.

We stand alone, bare foot in the dirt and left with no path to follow. To our left are 3 large stones, each with a new story to be told, waiting for us to pick them up and create the new version of ourselves. Now…most of us try to scurry to find some old familiar stones, something to bring us back into the ‘comfort’ of the story of ‘self’. Only  when we do…all we find a small imprint in the sand, where they once laid. #panic #breathe

And it is here…. that we stand in the undefinable creation of self, a place where we can create well – anything…Why, you ask? Simply because we are undefined and therefore ……nothing ‘defines’ us so we can create whatever we want. Most of us aren’t aware of this beautiful ‘possibility’ because we are too busy trying to seek the next distraction to keep up with the appearance neatly carved out by old conditioning of ‘hard-wired’ neural pathways.

It is at this point that we are now in our head ‘doing’ the seeking, which means we are no longer in the ‘heart’. It’s only in the moment of quiet, standing on that pathless path, that we find what it is we seek. So it is here that we pick up the stones and begin.

Stone 1: The gift of death

The first stone we pick up seems rather ominous, but only to the myopic view in the circle of life. For nothing can have life without the death and our conditioned association with death is often the ‘idea’ that it is final. The End. Try telling this to a caterpillar that is about to become a butterfly, it would argue that it is indeed the beginning of something beautiful that allows us to fly.

In the path of discovery, this ‘stone of death’ represents the shedding of our skin, walking through the shadows of self and allowing ourselves to fall into the deep hole we so diligently dug. Only to realise that the climb out was in fact the journey that we seek. For when we get to the top and claw our way out, nails full of dirt, hair with dry sticks and our skin the shade of self that we once were – it is only at this moment….that we look down and it all makes sense which part of ‘self’ that hole was dug for.

Stone 2: The gift of nothing

We pick up the next stone and it gives us the gift of ‘nothingness’ being no-thing and no-one that curiously places us in the field of the undefined. The first instinct is to throw this stone away…there’s nothing there! However, the wise consider this ‘The lesson in space’, space from ego, space from the familiar self. As Claude Debussy once said ‘we cannot hear the music without the space between the notes’.  In this space is where we find our music.

First, we are left feeling like a bird that has spent a lifetime in a cage, and suddenly the door is open…but we don’t know even know it is there. We only find out when we stumble across it and think ‘oh wow’ this is new. Left posing a question of ‘what does one do now?’ and so we sit in the ‘space’ of choice….do we fly or do we keep within the same structures that we defined for ourselves? For when we fly…will anyone know who we are? Will we be defined by a new label? Will we matter?? When we step into the gift of nothingness and embrace it, we allow ourselves to find the true meaning of being ‘humble’ in this experience and what it means to be ‘no-body’ and ‘no-thing’.

Stone 3: The gift of life

The third stone is the kind that breathes life back into us, like that gasping of air when we reach the surface that reminds us just ‘how precious’ our life is. The stone has depth to it, structure, dimensions and meaning. It holds carvings of time throughout the veins, all of which carry wisdom and insight.

It is here that we see a small outline of this new path that we define into the new story of self. If we try to steer it in our own direction it will do a ‘u’ turn…with ‘you’ at the centre falling into a spin that makes you so dizzy you can’t see the path anymore. However, if you hold your position when you see the faint outline at the start and trust in that ‘intuitive push’ that sends you out of the gate and feeling the wind in your hair and the air in your lungs…then that path will surely hold you and guide you to exactly where you are meant to be. It is here that you experience the peak of ‘living’ in the experience and surrendering to it. Only before the moment you start to be ‘comfortable in it’…….

…..we do it all again.




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