Tenille has been a professional keynote speaker for many years travelling the globe with her transformative keynote addresses, education workshops and programs.

Tenille went from humble beginnings of a receptionist to building multi million dollar organisations, advising and governing some of the largest boards in Australia and creating transformative change in the area of the conscious business leader.

Tenille is a well established contemporary thought leader who has been recognised by the Australian Prime Minister with ‘The Australian Leadership Award’ which is only presented to 20 people in Australia, awarded the ‘Australian Financial Review Top 100 Australia’s Women of Influence’, State Finalist in the ‘Telstra Business Woman of the Year’ and inducted into the Western Australian Women’s Hall of Fame by The Governor. Tenille is also a credited and experienced board director.

Tenille’s keynote addresses and workshops have been delivered to some of the largest national and global brands such as; Channel 7, 9, 10 and major media outlets, national radio stations, iinet, RAC, MLC, HBF, Bankwest, Commonwealth Bank, Telstra & Yellow Pages, Australian Government – ACT,  Lotterywest Retailers, Curtin University (Guest Lecturer),  MBA Leadership (Curtin University), CPA Congress, City of Perth, Global Leaders Conferences, The Australian Financial Review, CHOGM Event in Australia, Synergy, Association of Development and Alumni Professionals in Education, Future Derivatives Conference – Hong Kong, Entrepreneur Institute Globally, Masters Building Association and many more.

“I found her presentation skills to be excellent and her knowledge of the topic to be very thorough, further demonstrated by her ability to comprehensively answer questions.”
 – Principal Project Officer, Public Sector Commission

“Tenille has spoken at a number of digital courses. She is lively and engaging speaker with a lot of social media knowledge and some good anecdotes. I highly recommend her as a speaker”
 – Digital Business Consultant, Collaboraid

“Tenille was an excellent presenter and her high energy and strong interpersonal skills were very well received by the audiences”
 – Economic Development Manager, City of Perth

“The success is directly attributable to the excellent quality of presentations delivered by you”
 – National President, Australian Human Resources Institute, Peter Wilson AM

“Inspiring speech that many in the audience found motivating”
 – Department of Local Government and Communities

“Tenille is like a breath of fresh air.. truly inspirational and educational.  I would recommend Tenille to any organisation or group wanting to discover the latest in leading Business Technology and Marketing strategies.  Plus..  mix this with her personal story and passion for philanthropy she is perfect for any audience.”
 – The Entrepreneurs Institute

“Tenille was a very welcoming and genuine speaker and the feedback I had from the attendees was phenomenal. After my opening introduction explaining what Tenille has achieved, I was already itching to hear more about her story, experiences and how she got to where she was. There was no holding back and she was very honest and open with everyone which is what I appreciated most. Her strong passion in helping people is infectious. Tenille adds value to everyone she speaks to which is why she is someone I now personally look up to and inspire to become someone like herself. Tenille beams with confidence and strength which is why I can see why so many women are open to learn from her. She is certainly setting the way women in business!”
 – League of Extraordinary Women

Some companies that have sought Tenille’s advice and commentary are;


Presentation Topics

Some examples of presentation topics that Tenille can provide, although each presentation is always different, these are some examples of the many kinds of topics Tenille can address in her presentations/workshops and programs.

Letting Sh*t Go Workshop (popular) 

Emotional Literacy, Mindfulness & Sound Therapy Workshop with Tenille Bentley

Join award winning mindfulness and emotional literacy coach Tenille Bentley, as she deep dives you into a 2 hour workshop unlike any other you may have experienced. She has a unique combination of heart and head logic intertwining the power of sound and frequency. This specific workshop is all about letting [email protected] go, Tenille will take you through neural decoding practice, thought control practices and some of her favourite mindfulness techniques to help you realise the power of letting go.

Tenille Bentley, is an award winning contemporary thought leader is also a Sound Therapist using the unique elemental combination of sound and frequency in sound therapy with the Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Academy.

She uses this ground-breaking technology utilizing the science of sound and elements of sound frequency layers intertwined with vocal latticing. Having a fascination with the resonance of sound and consciousness, she shares her work with many groups around the world and the results from her audiences are noted to be ‘transformative’.

Emotional Literacy and Mindfulness for Adults Workshops

Have you wondered how the great minds of people like Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Dr John Demartini, Dr Bruce Lipton and Don Miguel Ruiz tick? They all have things in common that make them the successful people that they are today. Tenille has spent time with all these people and found a common thread that she now shares through her academy for adults.

These workshop series cover topic in mindfulness techniques and sound therapy techniques, which embody the full holistic experiential learning both at a cellular level and at a mindset level. Her programs are said to be transformative, she merges the science of sound and mindfulness techniques to support people in their journey. They leave with a sense of ‘aha moments’ and because of the sound integration therapy they also work on a subconscious level.

There is no other workshop like this in the world, her work is extremely unique, using the power of frequencies in her sound and the combination of this with mindfulness and emotional literacy techniques.

Some workshops include (but not limited to);

  • Conscious Business Leadership – The new era of being with business
  • The Power of Letting Go
  • Faculties of the mind – Mindfulness Mastery and Practical Applications
  • Conscious Relationships – Conscious Relating to improve your loving relationships, calling in the one and keeping them, building long term healthy business relationships and relationship to self.
  • Collapsing Time to Increase yours – The perception of time and learning techniques to slow it down when you need to.
  • Do Less and BE more – How you can do less yet still achieve the same result.
  • Abundantly you – Calling in prosperity and abundance effortlessly – Modalities of thought around am I being what I am wanting to receive?
  • Being of Service & find your purpose – The art of focusing on service and finding your calling
  • Self Mastery – The art of focusing on service to increase your abundance.
  • Mind Body and Soul Neuro Centres – The discovery of the three major brain centres of the body, how to connect, interact and engage them to assist in balanced decision making.
  • Digital Consciousness – Techniques in travelling the digital world successfully and authentically, practical social media skills and the unique perception on how this can be a journey to the heart
  • The balance of Masculine and Feminine within – how to know which one to lead from in every situation to bring about successful outcomes for your life and your business.

Sound Therapy (Science of Sound) Workshops

The science of sound brings people into deep states of relaxation and mindfulness. This work explores the healing power of sound-scaping utlizing frequencies from the Solfeggio Scale. The Solfeggio frequencies make up the ancient 6-tone scale thought to have been used in sacred music, including the Gregorian Chants. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart spiritual blessings when sung in harmony and deep meditative states. Each Solfeggio tone is comprised of a frequency required to balance your energy and keep your body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony.

When we look at the spoken mantras; these are words that bring people into a state of deep meditation. This sound is a meditation with notes but layering it with melody and music to create an atmosphere that become transformative within our state of consciousness.

She uses this ground-breaking technology utilizing the elements of, sound layers frequency and vocal latticing in her live sound therapy sessions. Having a fascination with the resonance of sound and consciousness, she shares her work with many groups around the world and the results from her audiences are noted to be ‘transformative’.

What people have said about their experience:

“Hi Tenille. I just wanted to say I went to my first Sound Alchemy Workshop this afternoon and it was such a beautiful experience. I’m so thankful. Everything you spoke of resonated with me and the sound therapy was magical. I hope word spreads about your work because everyone needs to experience it. See you next month.”

“Thank you Tenille such an amazing sound alchemy session yesterday. I haven’t slept that soundly in a long time. Can’t wait for the next one”

“A HUGE thank you to Tenille and her team for the sound alchemy session last night. It was truly amazing. I left feeling like I was floating. The calmness has continued into today and I’m loving it. Tenille is such an inspiration and ray of sunshine. Thank you. I look forward to seeing you at the next one!!! ”


Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness for Children Workshops

A workshop for parents and children utilising the unique theory of ‘The Energy Ball’ Program, which is an adventure for children, they follow a wonderful journey with Jazzy and Pinky through their chicken school in an animated cartoon, followed up with their own ‘chicken’ scrapbook for their homework. It is a fun and educational exploration to assist in the development of children’s emotional literacy. Helping them to understand their feelings and develop the awareness on how other peoples emotional grid system can impact them.

  • Some examples of what we cover are:
  • Learning about my feelings
  • Learning to Meditate with Ariel the Tree
  • Playing with my energy ball
  • How to understand other people’s energy ball
  • Learning about how food can impact my energy ball
  • The Graduation as a Super Hero Chooky!!!