Tenille Bentley is a professional speaker through ICMI Speakers. She is an internationally award winning business leader, board director and global change agent. She is a transformative speaker, educator, author of two thought provoking books. She has been featured on Channel 7, 9, 10, spoken on radio stations like 92.9, 94.5 and Nova 93.7 and appeared in national publications.

She built a multi million dollar social media company in under 2 years, has been recognised by the Australian Prime Minister with ‘The Australian Leadership Award’, awarded the ‘Australian Financial Review Top 100 Australia’s Women of Influence’, inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame by The Governor.


  • Internationally Award Winner Business Leader, Speaker, Educator in innovation, digital media, leadership, technology, mindfulness, wellness and philanthropy.
  • Keynote Speaker, trainer and educator running successful workshops and programs around the world.
  • Qualified Board Director sitting on some of Australia’s most prestigious boards often as the youngest and the only woman
  • Building a Global charitable organisation helping more than 40K children in over 5 different countries in the area of domestic violence and done through fundraising activities like climbing Mt Everest
  • Innovator in the sustainable development of our next generation


Tenille Bentley is an internationally award winning business leader spanning a 16 year career in building companies, board director roles and educating our leaders of the world. She is a transformative speaker, educator as well as an author of two thought provoking books “Digital Consciousness and Emotional literacy for kids” and the Managing Director & Founder of The Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Academy for Kids.

She has been described as a contemporary thought leader, building a multi million dollar social media company in under 2 years, she has been recognised by the Australian Prime Minister with ‘The Australian Leadership Award’ which is only presented to 20 people in Australia, she was awarded the ‘Australian Financial Review Top 100 Australia’s Women of Influence’, State Finalist in the ‘Telstra Business Woman of the Year’, inducted into the Western Australian Women’s Hall of Fame by The Governor and awarded the Top 3 Australian Institute of Management Excellence Awards.

Tenille is a credited and experienced board director sitting on some of the most prestigious boards in Australia. She is a highly sought after educator, holding a global online broadcasting audience reach of 8M around the world at it’s peak.

Tenille’s keynote addresses and workshops have been delivered to some of the largest national and global brands such as; Channel 7, 9, 10 and major media outlets, national radio stations, iinet, RAC, MLC, HBF, Bankwest, Commonwealth Bank, Telstra & Yellow Pages, Australian Government – ACT, Lotterywest Retailers, Curtin University (Guest Lecturer), MBA Leadership (Curtin University), CPA Congress, City of Perth, Global Leaders Conferences, The Australian Financial Review, CHOGM Event in Australia, Synergy, Association of Development and Alumni Professionals in Education, Future Derivatives Conference – Hong Kong, Entrepreneur Institute Globally, Masters Building Association and many more

“Tenille offers insightful, thoughtful perspectives and suggestion throughout her book about how to use and manage the digital world to advance ourselves and humanity. Read with an open heart and enjoy what she caringly has to say. Let’s ride this digital wave together as one people, one heart, and one world.”
– Howard Martin, Executive Vice President, HeartMath Institute

“Let me thank you Tenille, because you are providing the world with great information that’s necessary for evolution, and to me that’s a service that is part of this whole evolutionary up-wising”
Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., International Best Selling Author, Stem cell biologist

“Wow inspiring Tenille, I loved your warm natured format, thank you for sharing your amazing platform”
– Dr John Demartini, Human Behaviorist, Educator, Best Selling Author

Her professionalism and knowledge within the social media and digital space is outstanding and unmatched within this rapidly expanding market area.
– Michael Smith, Chairman iinet and Chairman of The Australian Institute of Company Directors

“Tenille is like a breath of fresh air.. truly inspirational and educational. I would recommend Tenille to any organisation or group wanting to discover the latest in leading Business Technology and Marketing strategies. Plus.. mix this with her personal story and passion for philanthropy she is perfect for any audience.”
– Entrepreneurs Institute

“I am a big fan of you and your community”
– Jack Delosa, The Entourage

“I found her presentation skills to be excellent and her knowledge of the topic to be very thorough, further demonstrated by her ability to comprehensively answer questions.”
 – Principal Project Officer, Public Sector Commission

“Tenille has spoken at a number of digital courses. She is lively and engaging speaker with a lot of social media knowledge and some good anecdotes. I highly recommend her as a speaker”
 – Digital Business Consultant, Collaboraid

“Tenille was an excellent presenter and her high energy and strong interpersonal skills were very well received by the audiences”
 – Economic Development Manager, City of Perth

“The success is directly attributable to the excellent quality of presentations delivered by you”
 – National President, Australian Human Resources Institute, Peter Wilson AM

“Inspiring speech that many in the audience found motivating”
 – Department of Local Government and Communities


Digital Consciousness
Based on her international book Digital Consciousness exploring the philosophical dialogue into the state of humanity within a digital world, this will bend your mind into what it really means to be digital and the long term impact on the human family. A great topic for corporate, business, inspirational, motivational, futuristic and technology.

The Emotional Frequency of Our Next Generation
Based on her international company The Emotional Literacy and Mindfulness Academy for Kids she will surprise you with the outcomes and impact of emotional literacy how this ties in with the neuroscience of early intervention underpinning the cognitive functioning. How to unplug the drug of digital and bring about a balanced approach to support our next generation to create a sustainable solution for our planet.

From receptionist to multimillion dollar business woman
Find out why we are the only ones limiting ourselves through Tenille’s story against the odds and how she went from broke to building a multi million dollar organisation.

Secrets of Success
What are the keys to achieve success? Find out what easy to apply tools are at your fingertips and practical solutions for every day life.

Technology and Innovation through Creative Leadership
What does it take to be a creative leader in the modern world using technology and innovation outside of the box.

Conscious Business Leadership
The modern aspects of the ‘new way of doing business’ what it means for the future of our business economy.

Future Thinking – Where our next generation is heading
The emotional frequency of our next generation and how to create sustainable impact

Women in Leadership
Why leadership has nothing to do with being a woman.

Women on Boards
Developing a board career without becoming another ‘quota’ on a board

Business Leadership
How leadership has nothing to do with ‘how’ you lead.

Neuro Leadership – The Neuroscience of Leadership
The future leaders developing through neuroscience and neuro plasticity the creation of becoming the leader you always wanted to be.

From Adversity to Success
Why adversity is the greatest gift you can receive and is the turn key to your dreams coming true.

The Science of Mindfulness
Why the Mind Matters, using mindfulness in the workplace understanding the science of applying it and how it creates a better outcome for all your team.

Letting IT Go
How to let go of whatever is no longer serving you so you can get on with living

Collapsing Time to Increase Yours
The power of time warping in a busy life. If you could slow it down and speed it up…would you?

Many topics can be tailored to your specific needs, these are just examples as a guide.


Some companies that have sought Tenille’s advice and commentary are;