The Search for Meaning

The Search for Meaning

Into perceived purpose ….we are born
To dive head first into polarity
We discover the existence of
Our intellectual distractions
To steer us off from that which ‘is’
And yet…we peer around the corner
Seeking that which requires no seeking
To find meaning to that which
Has no capacity to provide translational justice to
The meaning through this conscious simplicity

Our life and our perceived purpose cultivates
In the preordained soil of chaos
Predicated on the supposition
That we steer the natural order
In the illusions of separateness
We are the observatory receivers
Of consciousness experiencing
Through us, for us, to us, collectively
Integrated into one prodigious symbiotic brilliance
And yet….we still search for meaning

To intellectualise our purpose for being here
Distracts us from our ‘being’ here
Our meaning is developed as we develop
To discover who we are and why we are here
Is the interwoven alchemical mixture of self
And yet…. We still search for meaning

Is our ‘meaningful’ search the very thing
That takes us through the vortex
Of the experiencing of this very ‘meaning’ that we seek?
Could it be that not having the answer….is the answer?
Not having the defined meaning….is the meaning?
Once we surrender to the insatiable search
It is then that meaning presents itself
Beyond anything our imagination could hold