The Delicate Warrior

The Delicate Warrior

She holds within the structure
Of the carved out visceral story
A case of fragility to the myopic eye
Yet the inquisitive sees beyond her veil
To find at the core an indissoluble strength
That gifts her flight with an effortless glide
In the wings that elevate and hold
Within them the rapture of love

The delicate warrior she uses no force
Only light of the ‘Kingdom’ within
Yet in it resides the soldiers
That have withstood a thousand bloody battles
The scars worn below interlaced layers
Yet no trace can be seen upon her face
And the broken skin from the chains
That were worn upon her arms
Show nothing but the stillness
Of inconspicuous droplets
That make up her ocean
That sits within the helm
Of that which is pure love

Within the sophisticated chaos
She stands grounded and unbroken
Within the arms of perceived adversity
It is held in the regal hand of truth
And sits with a deniable raised chin of integrity
Beyond the paradoxical state of it being
Both a blessing and a curse
In her arcane knowing of the universal order
She will lay herself down in surrender
Into the oncoming ‘cosmic’ lessons
In a glorious display of self sacrifice

For it is in the unknown that she knows
It is in the unseen that she sees
It is in the silence that she hears
She sits in the space between the ‘notes’ of life
Often misunderstood and unseen
By the ‘notes’ themselves
She observes from the distance arm of acceptance
In this unified human experience

Her work here is one of love
And her wisdom of antiquity
Allows her to withstand
The storms of ubiquitous time
But not in the bravado of desire
Rather in the silence of her own company
And she knows for every piece of love
That she places delicately upon this path
She receives the equal or greater challenge
Through the rules of polarity

But she never stops believing
In the very thing that brought her here
The core of her essence
To love rather than be loved
This is the road seldom travelled
And is often the loneliest road of all.