CBLA Online Courses

“Watch how you talk to yourself when you fail, are you celebrating it, or condemning it? Depending on which one you select…that will determine what kind of success you will have.” – Tenille Bentley

Have you wondered how the great minds of people like Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Dr John Demartini, Dr Bruce Lipton and Don Miguel Ruiz tick? They all have things in common that make them the successful people that they are today.

Join Tenille’s ‘inner circle’ that she’s opening up for the Conscious Business Leader that want to know the secrets that these great minds shared with her that helped on her own journey to massive success, what the common thread has been that she has seen by being able to spend one on one time with all these great minds.

The information shared by these World Renowned thought leaders together with all of Tenille’s own years of experience building multi million dollar companies and global charities whilst also winning the top Australian awards and recognised by the Prime Minister and Governor has been developed into a world first success framework for the Conscious Business Leader – The 12 Major Pillars of the Conscious Business Leader.

Tenille has a unique ability in that she has a foot in both worlds, so she knows how to bring consciousness and business together, bridging the two worlds to create a brighter more sustainable solution for the human family.

The Conscious Business Leaders Online Course is led by international award winning Tenille Bentley who takes you through the 12 major modalities of what it takes to be a conscious business leader, creating massive success whilst making a positive impact in the world. It is highly recommended to gain the fullness of this course that you take each module.

She teaches many faculties of thought, leading self, and the mind body soul connection and how that all interconnects with a successful conscious business in the modern world

Each of the following is a $97 video lesson and workbook:

Conscious Business Leadership

The era of ‘BEING’ with business not just “DOING” it.

The Power of Letting Go

Techniques to release and allow in your authentic calling.

Faculties of the Mind

Mind Mastery & how to apply it in business & life.

Conscious Relating

Conscious Relating to improve your loving relationships, calling in the one and keeping them, building long term healthy business relationships and relationship to self.

Collapsing Time to increase yours

The perception of time and learning techniques to slow it down when you need to.

Do less and Be MORE

How you can do less yet still achieve the same result.

Abundantly You

Calling in prosperity and abundance effortlessly – Modalities of thought around am I being what I am wanting to receive?

Being of Service

The art of focusing on service to increase your abundance.

Self Mastery

Unpacking and Decoding the magnificence that is you and how to shift perceptions from life happening TO you to Life happening FOR you.

Mind Body and Soul Neuro Centres

The discovery of the three major brain centres of the body, how to connect, interact and engage them to assist in balanced decision making.

Digital Consciousness

Techniques in travelling the digital world and how this can be a journey to the heart.

The Dance of the Masculine and Feminine

how to know which one to lead from in every situation to bring about successful outcomes for your life and your business.