The micro-scope of life

The micro-scope of life

As we embark upon a new year, with resolutions that are made, are like that of an all excited ‘inflation’ of a balloon, only to pop within the coming weeks leaving your ‘hands open’ and nothing but the remains of an idea that ‘seemed’ good at the time…. you look around to see if anyone saw the balloon in the process of it being inflated and with a swift swipe of the hand you get rid of any remaining evidence and settle comfortably back into the chair that held your impressions from before.

You know THAT chair… the one that gives you want you want rather than what you need, the chair that feeds you social justifications that ‘yeah it’s ok’ everyone else is doing that. However – all that you receive is the same viewing deck that seemingly didn’t serve you last year because if it did you wouldn’t be desperately trying to jump out of it, only to be pulled back in time and time again.

So now that you’re comfortable in your chair…let’s explore beyond this and step into a greater awareness of self and therefore a collective experience for that little step we take in our journey, albeit a baby one at times, it adds up to the bigger picture….the some of the parts that impact the whole – you are the some of the parts….so question is do you like the ripple effect you are having on the whole and do you even turn your attention to how profoundly this does impact…. beyond your immediate experience?

Think of it like this…a pebble is thrown into the water, a once undisturbed surface is now rippling beyond the immediate ‘crash site’ but you only watch it at the moment it lands and then turn away, completely unaware of the impact it’s having beyond your perception of this. This is what happens with your thoughts, your actions, your level of integrity with self and with others, your immediate reactions to situations, people and experiences in your life.

“Are you playing at the surface of the water?”

What if you could turn around and watch this impact over a linear period of time and to see over an entire lifetime that direction has taken a completely different path based on that micro action? Only that in the multidimensional sense – time is not linear, it is an ongoing dance facing back onto us the reflection of what it is we place out into the cosmic landscape, for it to only come back to us in another dimension and form….would you do things differently then? If you knew your choices, actions, thoughts – every little micro one – had an impact on you, the you that is in this realm and the you that is in a parallel reality, impacting the you back here? Still with me?

There is a constant requirement to receive the experiences we ‘need’ in order to assist us in our evolutionary journey, a constant requirement of the essence of truth is to ask self – is this within integrity and in my truth? Where can I improve? And if I fall and slip I know it’s there to remind me just how little I really know.

To remain the everlasting student of life, in humbleness, with kindness and compassion is the key to our time here on this planet, to integrate effectively what we already know in our being and to do it with elegance and grace. To understand that if we buy into ‘gossip, lies and the shadow elements of this society’ we are also representing the collective….one of us go down…we begin to drag others with us. This is a team effort this ‘human’ thing… and the appearance of the illusion of separateness is a well designed visual trick that is a veil just waiting for the inquisitive mind to ‘figure it out’.

So begin by doing a self ‘stocktake’ are you in integrity within your energetic system, do you care enough about your grid system to change your current reality and get off that comfortable chair, rearrange the furniture and heck, even clean out the entire house? Sometimes a good clearing and reflection of your current reality is the thing that is needed for you to step further into your integrity and your truth, sometimes people around you won’t like what you’ve ‘done with the place’ but it is no ones business but yours, as it is not your business what they think or feel about it…that’s there’s.

When you rearrange life because you know that you have some energetic leakage in your temple, it can’t be fixed just by stuffing something in the hole because you’ll just end up with a place  – that when the sun is shining –  feels nice, but when it rains….oh boy you wish you fixed that hole (and the some of the parts that effect it!).

Know that you are making every decision – not just on your own behalf – but on behalf of the collective…the generational energetic lineages of past, present and future. So watch with a keen eye the energetic grid system you hold and how to keep it lit, for it it will be the very torch that can give you light or shadow…you get to decide which one.