Jazz, Pinky & The Energy Ball

Teaching children about Energy

This is a story around emotional literacy for kids. It teaches them how to understand the neuroscience behind energy and the effects it has beyond the 5 sense modalities. A simple yet effective way to educate kids on energy, to teach them to get in touch with how they feel and how others feel. This leads into a 5 day online program for kids to take to learn further applications of emotional literacy.


Tenille Bentley

Tenille Bentley is an international transformational speaker and author, travelling the world stages pursuing her journey to be of service to the human family. She is a highly sought after speaker, global online broadcaster with her online channel Digital Consciousness TV, Consciousness Coach, Contemporary Thought Leader, Board Director & Business Leader.

Tenille has been recognised by the Australian Prime Minister with The Australian Leadership Award presented to only 20 people in Australia, for her work in Digital Media and Philanthropy, she also was awarded the Australian Financial Review Top 100 Australia’s Women of Influence and State Finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year and inducted into the Western Australian Women’s Hall of Fame by The Governor and a state finalist for the Australian Institute of Management.

About The Illustrator

Natasha Lea

Natasha Lea, designer and illustrator was born in Perth, WA and began her life as a professional artist in 2012. As a self-taught illustrator, Natasha thrives on her complicated line work, black colour blocking and psychedelic colour pallet.

Natasha works primarily with pen, ink, markers and archival watercolour paper. She is influenced by the world around her and childhood memories, therefore, inspiration can be triggered by anything at anytime. The trouble, Natasha finds is slowing down her thought process to create an image that tells a magical narrative.

Natasha held her debut exhibition in 2012, at the Chrissie Parrott Arts Centre- “Laced”. Comprising of works from each corner of her creative life such as, costume, bridal jewellery, puppets and illustration.

This was a fantastic platform for Natasha to see which creative path to follow.

Inspired by how well her illustrations were received, Natasha followed up “Laced” with two sell out exhibitions at KURB Gallery Northbridge, Western Australia – “self titled-Natasha Lea” in 2013 and “Dreamscape” 2014.

In between solo shows, Natasha thrives in fine art group exhibitions, produces wedding gowns and customises collectable dolls.

Natasha creates custom wedding gowns and evening dresses for peope who cant find what they want in store or who want to feel more special and unique on their special day. Recently Natasha Lea created the beautiful ice-blue wedding gown for Fremantles MP, Melissa Parke for the disigner, Velvet Sushi.