Emotional Literacy for kids

“Simplicity in life is often the undoing of all that we thought we knew. There is a lot of wisdom in the adoption of the mind of a child – that is – living through the lens of what is possible, imagination, creativity and wonder. As we begin to find that integration between the lens of the child and the lens of the adult we find a beautiful place of understanding that life is not really that complicated, we attribute the meaning to every story we fabricate in our minds.” – Tenille Bentley

The Energy Ball Course is a 5 week adventure for children aged 5 – 10, they follow a wonderful journey with Jazzy and Pinky through their chicken school in an animated cartoon, one per week, followed up with their own chooky scrapbook for their homework. It is a fun, enjoyable adventure to build children’s emotional literacy in understanding their feelings and how other peoples feelings can impact them.

The course covers the following modules;

Module 1: Learning about my feelings
Module 2: Learning to Meditate with Ariel the Tree
Module 3: Playing with my energy ball
Module 4: How to understand other people’s energy ball
Module 5: Learning about how food can impact my energy ball
Module 6: The Graduation as a Super Hero Chooky!!!