A philosophical dialogue into the evolution of consciousness within the digital terrain and the legacy imprint on the human family.

Exploring the new realm of digital consciousness is something that Tenille Bentley has given a great deal of thought to, and some of the answers to these questions and more may surprise you. While not everyone wants to ‘change the world’ we do all have the power at our fingertips now to radically affect change for someone, somewhere, some place. Recognising this ability and harnessing how we use the internet is the basis for this book.

Tenille also explores how things may have been for visionary leaders such as Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr, and Nelson Mandela had they been able to access the internet and unleash it’s power last century. This book is also packed with examples of how people are using the internet and how digital consciousness is currently our most underappreciated and underused global resource.

As we can become consciously aware of this new world, the power of it and the intentions we place in it at the click of a mouse button the effect is far greater than any of us can compute in the architecture of our minds. It’s having an awareness beyond the awareness, it’s caring enough to treat each post as a piece of the puzzle to the collective consciousness.

Ask yourself today, what will this world look like when we reach a united level of Digital Consciousness?

You have the potential in creating the world through what you perceive and search for daily. You’re either controlling what the Internet gives to you or your being controlled by it.

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr Bruce Lipton

“Let me thank you Tenille, because you are providing the world with great information that’s necessary for evolution, and to me that’s a service that is part of this whole evolutionary up-wising” – Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., International Best Selling Author, Stem cell biologist – brucelipton.com

Dr. John Demartini

Dr John Demartini

Wow inspiring Tenille, I loved your warm natured format, thank you for sharing your amazing platform. – Dr John Demartini, Human Behaviorist, Educator, Best Selling Author – drdemartini.com

Heartmath Institute

Howard Martin

“Tenille offers insightful, thoughtful perspectives and suggestion throughout this book about how to use and manage the digital world to advance ourselves and humanity. Read with an open heart and enjoy what she caringly has to say. Let’s ride this digital wave together as one people, one heart, and one world.”  – Howard Martin, Executive Vice President, HeartMath Inc.