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“Digital consciousness TV & Radio is a place where we aspire, we desire, conspire and delight in the delicious words of human awareness with the greatest leaders around the world” – Tenille Bentley

Digital Consciousness TV provides an online TV experience into the hearts and minds of communities, through education, empowerment and opportunities.

Discussing community innovations and sustainable solutions in business, lifestyle, wellness, relationships and environment with the greatest thought leaders around the world.

Digital Consciousness TV is an evolutionary connection of community, celebrities, business leaders and contemporary thought leaders …..enough to invite mainstream minds and enriched enough to provoke the enlightened mind….a mindful and conscious conversation with people who understand the responsibility we bear with what we feed into the hearts and minds of the world.

Tune in for interviews with the thought leaders tune in on this page to see the next exciting topic with thought leaders like John Demartini, Don Miguel Ruiz, Jack Delosa, Bruce Lipton and more.

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“Wow, what an inspiring chat. I loved your questions and your warm natured format. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share what is in my heart with your loved ones on your amazing show.”
Dr John Demartini – Human behaviorist, educator, international bestselling author and consultant

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