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At Home Solutions

Bring Connection, Compassion and Communication To Your Family

Achieve harmony at home and support your kids to feel better about themselves and you.

Now there's a set of inexpensive, easy-to-use tools to understand and manage your own emotions and help your kids do the same for theirs from as young as 4! They’re life-changing.

Enjoy short, fun, daily interactive family games and activities designed to create harmony at home and school and achieve life-long rewards for you and your child's wellbeing and sense of self-worth.

You access them online for ease … and implement them offline for fun … to get you and the kids off device.

The ELMA At Home Family Integration program consists of proven-effective daily emotional intelligence building practices, repeated over time to form life-long positive habits.

After doing the program, people from as young as 2 years old know how to identify and regulate their emotions, understand other peoples' emotions, and, feel empathy and compassion, all the keys to building a kinder, better and smarter world for themselves and everyone around them.

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