Collective Works 

From Paris to Australia

Tenille’s collective works have reached the global stages in unique art projects at Nuit Blanche Paris – Museum of Modern Art of Paris & The Palais de Tokyo Museum Square and Techism Exhibitions in Florida and continues to expand. Below are some of her albums with another in production and due to be released in 2021 and is called En’coda 432  – a collection of her current meditative songs with a string orchestra.

Sound Frequency Guided Meditations

The Sound Frequency Album is a guided meditation with vocal latticing and ancient song, each with different outcomes for each track, they hold specific frequencies infused such as; 174hz, 417hz (letting go), 528hz (Inner Peace), 303 & 309hz (Clearing), 639hz (Abundance) and 210.42 (Feminine).

Childrens Guided Frequency Meditations

The Children’s Guided Meditation is layered with many healing frequencies and sound to help calm kids and bring them into a state of peace from their plugged in world. There is specifically a layer of frequency within this track, this tone is at 174Hz which is the lowest frequency on the Solfeggio scale, 174 Hz acts like an energetic anaesthesia. This frequency helps one feel secure, and has a slow, soothing quality to it.

“8×8” at Palais de Tokyo Museum for Nuit Blanche 2018

8×8 is a light and sound video installation created by light installation artist Krista Kim and was a collaborative works with multi instrumentalists Tenille Bentley and Ian Morris from Listening to Smile. This meditative work was experienced at Palais de Tokyo Museum for Nuit Blanche in 2018 and in Jacksonville, Florida.

This piece creates a meditative space for the viewer.  Krista produced 8 artworks in slow animation sequence for 8 minutes each sequence with this beautiful healing frequency music in correlation with the energy and visuals of my visuals.  This immersive experience has a profound effect of calm, well being and meditativeness.

Shadows (528hz Frequency)

The Shadow’s Single is a beautiful melodic song to casually listen to instead of a guided meditation it has within the entire track a 528Hz infused frequency, which means you get the added benefit of the science of frequency and healing at a cellular level, whilst you listen to the track.