“Challenging the subconscious is a way to start the reprogramming process so you aren’t being run by it, but instead you are consciously now in control and at least have the space awareness around it to have the choice to change it.” – Tenille Bentley

Digital Consciousness

Digitally Enhancing Humanity

Digital Consciousness as a concept is about a unique and insightful journey into the Digital world (with a twist of consciousness). The inter-web is possibly a physical manifestation, representing the collective consciousness, showing us clearly (in a way that we can compute) that we are all in fact connected and we are all one. And that every thought, every mouse click,  every word that we speak,  that we share,  that we tweet – all adds up to the collective digital consciousness

Jazz, Pinky & The Energy Ball


This is a story around emotional literacy for kids. It teaches them how to understand the neuroscience behind energy and the effects it has beyond the 5 sense modalities. A simple yet effective way to educate kids on energy, to teach them to get in touch with how they feel and how others feel. This leads into a 5 day online program for kids to take to learn further applications of emotional literacy.