From Internationally Award Winning Business Woman & Author
to Global Frequency Musician

Hey, Tenille here…Well the journey to getting to this point was really something that I fought tooth and nail the entire way. Why did I fight it? Because I thought I had to be a successful business woman…which in many respects I did achieve having built a multi million dollar company, global charitable organisation and building companies for 15 years, meeting some of the greatest leaders in the world….. only to completely be stripped of it all and losing everything…. including my old identity…. Oh the irony of a souls journey!

Yet I still held the wisdom (amongst the chaos) that in order for us to grow into the new version of ourselves we must we willing to let go of what we thought we knew about our life. And this was a journey of how I merge my extensive business experience with the healing power of sound, frequency and little bit of science.

My relationship with music started before I was born, with a deeply caring mother who would put earphones on her belly with classical music playing to help me relax, and my rock star father coming home after a gig with his well known band and changing the music on the headphones to rock and roll. Which didn’t impress my sleeping mother having woken to kicks from me in her belly, very likely me dancing along to the music. Needless to say my curiosity and eclectic taste in music was thanks to my very early introduction to it.

From musical instruments and high quality sound systems scattered around the house, going to recording studios and hopping up on stage with my ‘rock star’ dad, to having gatherings at our house with some of the most famous and talented musicians in their time jamming the night away. It was fair to say my early days of exposure laid the foundation for a true depth and technical appreciation for every sound. Little did I know, it would also be the fundamental tool to my evolutionary journey.

My ancient origins from a tribe called the Ngapuhi influenced my now born creations of sound combined with the talents of my french operatic great great grandmother who once travelled with the great Caruso.

“If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn’t have opened for anyone else.”
– Joesph Campbell

My teens I spent listening to everything from Bach and Mozart to Snoop Dogg and Tupac. I played in orchestra’s and then went to play into pop bands travelling around Australia in the back of a truck with a harmonica and other musicians. I came close to a record deal for my original works, meeting with the top A&R Managers in the day… yet something still didn’t seem to flow. It was like that annoying little thorn in your side that you kind of notice, but subtle enough that you can conveniently ignore it.

When I arrived to this work that I now offer…I hadn’t sung for at least 10 years because I was busy being a business woman and thought that I would never make a solid career out of this thing called music, it was just something I lost hours in.

The challenge I faced was how to merge both identities (music and business) to offer something unique to the world. As a result –  I deliver my meditation services (frequency music) to the workplaces and integrate this with delivering workshops with a comprehensive wellbeing program (business workshop delivery).

In addition to this I deliver this work in conjunction with children’s programs offered through my other company The Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Academy.

Then for those who want to go deeper I offer regular sound meditation journey’s 

I look forward to sharing my offerings with you, at home, in the workplace or at a workshop.

About Tenille’s Business Life