Welcoming Ceremony

2021 Mini Retreat

Kakao | Workshop | Sound Frequency Meditation 

Welcoming Ceremony and Release of 2020

We will be clearing the year that was, developing a beautiful ritual to bring in and welcome 2021 moving you into empowering and releasing all within your heart so you can be all you choose or have longed to be ❤️

The mini retreat will include nourishing plant based treats with a workshop session prior to the sound frequency session where you be guided through a ceremony to release and let go of anything that is holding you back to prepare the spirit for the year ahead.

Helping you prepare for 2021 and set yourself up for success, with practical spirituality tools that will keep you grounded, releasing 2020 and preparing the body, mind and spirit for the year ahead.

Special tools and systems will be applied and taught that you can bring with you into 2021 so you feel prepared emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Setting your intentions for the year and workshopping to uncover what it is that you need to support your growth in 2021.

Gaining clarity, feeling supported, clearing fears and releasing tension.


  • Tea/coffee plus healthy organic treats on arrival
  • Sitting together to listen, talk, share, laugh and just be.
  • Workshop guided session to prepare for the releasing and welcoming ceremony
  • Kakao and Tea Ceremony outside in a private garden setting
  • Interactive healing guided meditation session followed by a 1 hour deeply nurturing sound frequency journey of release and welcome.
  • Finish with sharing, reflections and hugs
  • Gentle relaxation stretches led by Yogi Mai Shimizu to awaken the body back to fullness


$127pp *limited capacity

Your Facilitator


Tenille Bentley

Workshop Facilitator & Sound Meditation Therapist

Tenille Bentley is unique and globally recognised Frequency Musician bridging science and sound she delivers inner peace and wellbeing to her audiences. Tenille’s collective works have reached the global stages in unique art projects at Nuit Blanche Paris – Museum of Modern Art of Paris & The Palais de Tokyo Museum Square and Techism Exhibitions in Florida as it continues to make its way around the globe.

She is currently creating a unique project with a cross over of genres between her ethnological wellbeing music and a large string Symphony Orchestra, monitoring and measuring the results of a 432hz meditation experience. This project will be unlike anything people would have experienced, and will tour the country. As part of the exploration of uncovering the link between the mind, sound, frequency and science and the human body to encompass wellbeing and deeper states of relaxation, with a twist of neuroscience.

Tenille transitioned from an illustrious business career being recognised by the Prime minister and Governor for her work in the community and now she integrates this knowledge with the solution based strategies of wellness and wellbeing in the workplace and in the home for families.

Tenille’s music is richly influenced by her ancient origins from the Ngapuhi tribe and by her French operatic Great Great Aunt who once travelled with the great Caruso. Her background in classical music and orchestras crosses over with her years as a musician travelling Australia and meeting with some of the top A&R Managers in the industry.

She uses the science of frequency through her instruments, in her beautiful vocal toning and latticing integrating with technology. She uses the infusions of sound, but not any sound, science-based frequencies that are shown to impact at a subatomic level. Within 20 minutes of this work her audiences brain wave activity can drop into delta and theta state where they will experience the decrease of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’.

Her sound journey takes her audiences on a sensory journey that leaves them feeling transformed aligning with her goal of bringing peaceful strategies to the world through each individual to impact the collective macro of our human family.

Tenille is also the creative founder of The Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Academy for Kids - an incredible space to teach children about their emotional grid system and how to understand, sense and have compassion for other people's energy system.

Mai Shimizu Yoga

Yogi Mai Shimizu


Let Mai take you through a series of gentle Yin postures, guiding you with her soothing voice, coupled with Tenille’s divine sound alchemy, you’ll be invited to a complete relaxation for both your body and soul.Mai Shimizu. Mai has completed more than 800 hours in training and her teaching experience totals in more than 1000 hours.
Mai’s teaching experience ranges from bushwalking retreats, charity classes for a NFP organisation as well as to a wide range of communities in Perth through yoga and meditation teaching.Anyone who has experienced Mai’s Yin class knows that they leave the room feeling grounded, opened and nourished. Lead by her soothing voice, caring and insightful guidance, combined with Tenille’s sound alchemy, you will be taken to a next level of relaxation and transformation.

Holy Herbal Kakao

Holy Kakao

Organic Ceremonial Kakao Supplier

The Santos Sisters - Lili & Liza

They are known as The Brazilian KAKAO Priestess who modernised ancient wisdom to fit today's society.The sisters love to bring sacredness to our every day lives in a fun, light and simple way as they believe rituals don't need to be boring but respected.

Liza has been studying and working with herbs and holistic therapies for over 10 years. She is now on her final year of TCM/acupuncture besides being a qualified herbalist and naturopath.

Lili is a cacao and women's facilitator connecting women globally she is also a theta healer, Shamballa Multidimensional Reiki & Access Bars Therapist.


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